Tracy first discovered her artistic flare when she started a hairdressing apprenticeship straight out of school. She loved to create styles manipulating textures, movement and colour. After further education Tracy spent most of her adult working life in education in various speciality settings. 

It was not until the first COVID lockdown when she like thousands of others found herself working online from home alongside caring for her family. After a while Tracy felt the need to find a therapeutic and creative outlet, this is when she discovered fluid art. 

Spending months studying various artists online gathering as much knowledge and information as she could the time came to dive in. 

For a year at weekends, the family dining table became Tracy’s art space with the room covered with make shift drying stands.  Tracy experimented with  various techniques, paints and pouring mediums and eventually found the one she felt able to be the most expressive and creative with, The Dutch Pour. 

Tracy has since been able to move off the dining table and into her own, small studio. Her happy place. 

Using a combination of opaque, translucent and metallic paints that are layered and manipulated with air pressure, Tracy explores colour and movement of paints to create stunning compositions and effects that draw in the viewer’s eye ever more closely to the fine details and embellishments that make each piece unique. 

All of Tracy’s paintings are created using artist quality acrylic paint and canvases. They are completed with a variety of finishes including gloss, satin and matt varnishes as well as resin. 

See Tracy at work in her studio