Resin Series

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This stunning resined piece is a real eye catcher. Rich golds, bronze and copper blooms flowing against a split black and white base. The resin finish not only makes this piece shine so brightly, it also allows the metallics to really pop. Set within a black wood, floating frame.  

85cm x 65cm 


Beige series "Mandarin"

Beautifully vibrant composition of blooms in orange shades, golds and accents of deep rich brown set against cream background. Finished with resin for a super gloss, glass like finish. 


Size 61cm x 51cm 


Green series “Forest Bloom”

Inspired by the rich greens of the Suffolk countryside this wreath like composition is created using various shades of green with highlights of copper and gold that accentuate the movement and provide exquisite shimmer through the movement in this piece.  

Painted on a olive green base and finished with resin layers to provide a glass like finish. The piece has been strung so you can hang it either horizontally as shown here or vertically. It looks stunning either way. 

61cm x 51cm 


Grey series "Fireworks"

Exploding from the dark charcoal smoke, these vibrant flares of reds, purples, gold and copper represent the wonder of fireworks that I have always loved. 

Painted on a slate grey base and finished with resin to create a high gloss, glass like effect. Presented in a black painted, floating wood frame. 

65cm x 55cm 


Blue series "Triptych Wave"

This is the 1st of my triptych paintings on long deep edge canvases. Taking inspiration from my original rolling wave painting I wanted to create a piece that accentuated movement across 3 canvases.  

I have used a Sky-blue background for this design with deep Prussian blue for contrast against the kings, Ultra-marine and greyish blues. Iridescent turquoise and silver create a subtle shimmer throughout the movement. 

I have finished the triptych with a resin coat that gives it an incredible glossy shine. 

If you are interested in buying or commissioning a bespoke painting with a colour palette that you have chosen, please send me a message or email me 

Size 80cm x 90cm  


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